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For machines

Earn Credits working for Ethereum staking protocols such as Casper or Snow. No stake required.

For users

Trustlessly earn interest on your Ethereum tokens. No machine required.

Staking protocol

Decentralized marketplace for digital services requiring workers to post security deposits before preforming work e.g. Ethereum PoS (Casper) and Snow.


Platform for users and machines to jointly perform work for staking protocols. Users supply tokens for security deposits while machines supply work.

The Credit Token

1protocol incentivizes workers using The Credit Token [CRED], a fixed-supply ERC20 token.

Full details coming soon.


May 2017

Initial announcement

Late 2017

Testnet 1protocol


Virtual Worker for Casper. 1-click mining and 1-click investing in Ethereum PoS


The Credit Token creation


1client GUI


Virtual workers for Filecoin, Truebit, Gnosis, Raiden, and beyond.


Axel Ericsson

CS @ Stanford

Zack Lawrence

Math @ Stanford

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